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Why use a time lapse camera on a construction site?

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A time lapse video is done on several themes. It can be on people, trees, objects or a panoramic view etc. There are several uses for the time lapse camera. In this article, it is recommended to developers of construction sites for several reasons. Let's find out the reasons why a time lapse camera is useful for a construction site.

The importance of a time lapse camera on a construction site

Monitoring under a time lapse camera is the best surveillance a construction site owner can have. You can click here to get additional hints. In reality, the camera captures all the images that scroll through its angle of view. The large amount of captured images, once recorded, is then composited into an image. The speed of the sequence is adjusted according to the director's wishes. Accidents happen very quickly on construction sites. A time lapse video is the best evidence a builder can provide to the insurer to protect himself and his agents. In addition, in cases of theft, the surveillance allows to confront the culprit. The camera records all the images from the laying of the foundation stone to the delivery of the construction.

Other benefits of time lapse monitoring

One of the benefits of tracking construction with a time lapse camera is that it works without limit. The durability of the battery allows the sensor to run 24 hours a day, every day without exception. The panoramic view that the camera presents with a good resolution cannot be overlooked. In addition, the option to control the camera remotely is available in the functions. About the remote control, the time lapse cameras do not require any wire. They work with wifi. It is now up to the director to select the right sensor among the many existing cameras on the market. Following the movements of a construction site with a time lapse camera is a good plan to have an eye on everything that happens there.