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What to know about Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

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With the advancement of technology, several business sectors are now booming. It is moreover a great opportunity, which allows all businesses to find a way to grow. However, this development is also beneficial for the customers, who are better served by the companies. See then how an interaction between a company and its customers takes place with the help of interactive voice server (IVR).

What is called IVR OR IVR?

Most businesses have seen their relationship improve with the evolution of technology. So an IVR / Interactive Voice Response is a technology that offers a customer an immediate response the moment they contact a business. This system makes it possible to direct the customer to the right interlocutor by putting at his disposal several proposals of choice. Indeed, the voice server facilitates the interaction between the customer and the host system of the company via configurable voice menus. It uses DMTF tones for this purpose in normal circumstances. Thus, IVR improves the quality of the relationship between companies and their customers. However, voice servers can handle and maintain a huge volume of phone calls. This is what makes them more interesting for call centers.

How does an IVR work?

The suggestions for choices in an IVR system go through the customer's keypads. Thus, callers select the options that suit their expectations, by pressing numbers. Then, this action generates the sending of a DTMF tone to the company's host system. The host system reacts by sending back the appropriate response to the customer's action. However, it is possible to program sub-menus when installing a voice server. This will allow the caller to have more information and details on the purpose of his phone call. Moreover, this programming always involves choices based on numbers. Finally, this system is a very advantageous solution for its users.