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Some points to consider when creating a chatbot

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Technological advances offer huge advantages to companies, websites and others. And to satisfy their customers, chatbots play an important role. However, you need to set up your chatbot to take advantage of these benefits and to do so, there are some key points to consider. Read on to find out the key points to consider when creating a chatbot.

Define your goals

Before starting the chatbot creation process, you need to have a clear idea of the goal of the chatbot creation, because the goal is the most important thing that will make your chatbot successful. Continued from the article will allow you to discover more information on how to create a chatbot. Chatbots may be popular, but that's not why you should integrate it into your website or business without a goal. Thus, bots respond to specific needs identified by members of a company or website. It saves considerable time by answering questions asked by customers on social networks or your website. Also, it allows a company to answer various customer queries, process customer orders and transfer them to the company's sales team.

Choose the type of chatbot you want according to your needs and budget

The choice of your chatbot is related to your budget and the importance you attach to this bot. Thus, several platforms like Facebook, Messenger and others, allow you to code the bot yourself. This allows you to have more control over the features and is cheaper than other options. However, it won't be really automatic or easy to use, and you will need to have the necessary skills to get the desired results. Also, the visual-aided platform is more automatic than the previous one and cheaper than a chatbot agency. On the other hand, you have less control over the functionality by coding it here. Indeed, a chatbot agency can create a custom chatbot for you and you won't need any technical knowledge before you can easily get results. However, this will cost you a bit of money.

Choice of platform on which to use the chatbot

The chatbot can be used on several platforms including Facebook, WhatsApp, websites, twitter and others. Chatbots can be used to engage your contacts through several of these channels. Also, conversations will not be the same on all channels or platforms such as Facebook, Twitter your blog and others. Hence you should consult your community management team and sales team before prioritising your communication channels.