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Our tips for being smarter

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The mind works like a muscle, it can't stop exercising and it should always be challenged. Music lessons, mental challenges and even playing sports sharpen your cognition and can also increase your intelligence. Want to know more about how to be more cultured? Find out in this article the best tips that can expand your memory.

Exercise your imagination to get an intuition

Start by choosing an object on your table. Now think of ten different things you can do with it. Visit the website to discover even more tips for becoming more brilliant. In fact, stop and take a look at your bed sheet. Write down as many uses for it. Do this with other accessories around you. Let your imagination run wild whenever you can. In reality, many scientists confirm that exercising productivity is fundamental to intelligence. On that note, Robert Sterberg, M.D., has created a program that applies creative teaching methods in colleges. The study that evaluated Robert's program tracked thousands of students, half of whom were assigned tasks that included creating cartoon stories and subtitling them in about 18 minutes. The group that did the different activities scored higher and did better on a multiple-choice cognitive test. This explains why they not only performed well academically but were also able to apply mental gain in a completely different situation.

Improve your working memory

Working memory is what you use to read texts and draw a conclusion from your general idea. In everyday challenges, you need it a lot, which makes it crucial for intelligence. If your working memory has a limit, performance may be worse. Therefore, the efforts of psychologists are aimed at creating and testing the best methods to train it. The ideal way to do this is to play mind games, say the days of the week out loud, and then do a repeat in reverse. This increases your ability to retain the relevant information of the moment in an active state.