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How should a stranger treat a lost, found cat?

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In most cases, lost cats are aggressive. It is up to the rescuer of the cat who has recovered it, in the meantime, to work to make its living space comfortable. Thus, it would not want to run away anymore and will be returned to its owner. To achieve this, in this article will be listed some attitudes to follow.

Dorlating the cat

A lost cat in the meantime would inevitably feel like a stranger in his new living environment. To his rescuer to reassure him and make him feel at home until he finds his master. The cat is a good company and consolation animal, it is part of the family. It is therefore normal to think about its well-being and its development. You can get more info on how to behave towards a found cat. Cuddling a cat is all about keeping it safe. Having been outside for a long time, the cat must have developed some aggression to protect itself. It will need to be captured and reassured. Its aggressiveness may cause it to hurt the person who is going to take care of it. With cat food, it can be caught delicately, and without scratching.

Identify the cat, thanks to the ethics

The second thing to do, when you find a cat at home or on the street, is to check the neck of the animal, if it does not wear a collar. Some require that felines are often registered. And a registered animal must have a tag around its neck that gives information about its identity. Looking at the tag is a gesture that can help the cat find its home. The same is true for microchips. It is quite possible that the cat will also be searched for by animal control.

Take it to the professionals

The other thing to do is to take the cat to either a veterinarian or an animal service agent or shelter. These are people and organizations that are licensed to handle stray cats. They will help the companions find each other.