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All about voluntary health insurance

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Voluntary health insurance is not only a way to protect yourself, but also to save money. It covers several policies. With voluntary health insurance, you can get coverage for traffic accidents and occupational diseases. How to apply for voluntary health insurance? Who can and how can you apply for voluntary health insurance ?

How to apply for voluntary health insurance ?

The process of subscribing to a voluntary health insurance is simple. You can do it at the primary health insurance office of your home. You just have to go on the website of the primary health insurance fund.
For more information, look at this web-site
You can also do it by sending an application for voluntary health insurance to the common social security center. In addition to the application, you must attach a copy of your identity card or passport if this is your first registration.

Who can apply for voluntary health insurance ?

Not everyone is eligible to apply for voluntary health insurance. Those who can apply for voluntary health insurance are those who are not eligible for other health insurance. 
Apart from that, there are also age and geographical criteria. The applicant for voluntary health insurance must be at least 18 years old and reside in an EU, EEA or Swiss country. If you prefer to take out this insurance with the Joint Social Security Center, make sure that you do not owe a social security contribution.

How do the contributions for the voluntary health insurance manifest themselves ?

To calculate the contribution for the voluntary health insurance, the social salary and the current contribution rate are taken into account. The minimum wage is 2,256.95 euros. The current contribution rate is 5.60%. In 2020, the monthly amount of contributions to be paid was 126.39 euros. 
The contributions are paid by the person who has taken out voluntary health insurance. If you wish to pay the contributions by direct debit, you can send a request to the CCSS.