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3 Tips for creating a chatbot

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The chatbot Messenger is an interface that allows you to chat directly with customers and visitors. You can create a chatbot from a chatbot development platform. Find in this article, the 3 tips to create a chatbot.

Use Chatfuel and link your page

Use the Chatfuel platform to create your chatbot. When you are on the platform, you will see the guidelines needed to create the chatbot. This blog offers you tips on how to create a chatbot for Facebook Messenger with Chatfuel. You have the option to link your page to design your chatbot. It is up to you to choose the page in order to access the dashboard. Each time you will see samples that will help you to design your dashboard. This way, it will be easier for you to configure your chatbot quickly. You will then follow the process to finalise the creation of your chatbot.

Automate your messages

Chatfuel is a platform configured in English. You will therefore have to translate your welcome message which will help in the discussion between your customers. It is also possible that you create a chatbot message for example to answer your discussions even when you are not present. You also have the possibility to review the notifications that will be used by your bot to have a discussion with the customers. The bot will be configured so that the customers themselves configure the chat. The settings have some relation to the tabs on a website.

Test your chatbot

You should test your chatbot as you configure your chatbot. Always make an effort not to mix up the steps. Make sure your chatbot is ready to be used before you confirm everything. You will then see pages in the tabs that provide you with necessary information about your chatbot. Even when there are errors in the configurations, you are able to put everything back in its place. The more you respect these steps, the better the result you will have at the end of the creation of your chatbot.